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Family home + Entertainer’s dream
We take a peek at Guy Sebastian’s new deck

Featuring Golden Oak Millboard Decking

Millboard commercial deck

Photography by The Palm Co Photography

Guy Sebastian’s Millboard Deck

Recently we had the opportunity to check out Guy & Jules Sebastian’s new family home which features a spectacular outdoor entertaining area with Millboard Decking in the Golden Oak Enhanced Grain.

The first thing that strikes you when entering the home is the vastness of the high ceiling spaces. In the central foyer Guy’s grand piano and a sweeping spiral staircase frame the incredibly open layout. There is a real sense of flow and light which is carried on throughout this ultra-modern house, designed together with architect Joe Snell. The style is minimalist but immediately high-class and combines bold industrial aesthetics, polished concrete, steel and wall-sized glass sliding doors.

The deck forms a central courtyard & in many ways feels like the heart of the entire build. With uninhibited access from both the kitchen and casual lounge areas, plus being viewable from the entrance and upper storeys – it’s not hard to see that Guy and Jules considered creating an inviting outdoor entertaining area essential.

Architect: Joe Snell – Studio Snell
Photography: The Palm Co. Photography
Completion Date: July 2019

The extensive decking area features an outdoor dining suite and sunken fire pit with seating area before flowing into the tennis court, then continuing to wrap around the swimming pool. The decking boards are used as pool coping all the way to edge.


Golden Oak Millboard decking adds a much-needed natural warmth to the build, contrasting the many industrial elements of the home. Unlike plastic decking, Millboard is the only composite decking crafted from impressions of real wood – with zero plastic and zero wood fibres, capturing the beauty of timber but without the maintenance. Given the Sebastian family’s busy schedule a low maintenance solution was key & combined with Millboard’s excellent stain and scratch resistance this made it the perfect match for an entertainer’s dream deck.

Beautiful house with outside decking

Photography by The Palm Co Photography

millboard decking

Photography by The Palm Co Photography

Golden Oak | Enhanced Grain

Width 176mm (Wide)
Thickness 32 mm (Thick)
Length 3.6m (Long)
Color Golden Oak
Accessories DuraFix Screws
Warranty 25 Years Limited Residential Warranty
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Millboard Enhanced Decking

decking system inside the house

Photography by The Palm Co Photography

Millboard pool deck

Photography by The Palm Co Photography