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How do you cut Millboard, is it the same as wood?

Millboard can be cut in much the same way as regular timber. We recommend a carbon tipped multipurpose saw. Plastic composite decking tends to blunt saw blades very quickly and be difficult screw & to work with – but with Millboard this isn’t a problem! Don’t forget that we have Touch Up Paint available in 500ml tins for colour matching exposed cut ends.

What joist spacing do you recommend?

Joist spacing of 400mm centres is recommended for normal residential application. On commercial and public areas including any stairs use 300mm spacing. If you need to cut Millboard down along the length, then reduce the joist centres accordingly.A Minimum of 3 joists are needed for any cut boards. When laying 45 degrees to the joist we recommend a maximum of 300mm centres and 240mm centres on commercial applications. For full installation guidelines please refer to the documentation available for download from the Installation Guidelines page.

How do you fix Millboard? What fixings should you use?

Fixing Millboard couldn’t be simpler! There are no fiddly and expensive clipping systems, no pre-drilling nor any countersinking required. Millboard is simply top fixed like real timber – But with an incredible “lost-head” hidden fixing. The Lastane(R) layer self heals over the screws to leave an near indistinguishable mark for a clean finish! After extensive testing we recommend and supply Durafix Stainless Steel screws for the best results.